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Delays in flights might be inconvenient, but the consequences of a late take off can be much more serious – and costly – in some cases. For example, a delayed domestic connection may mean that you miss being able to check in on time for a long haul flight, thus missing out on the holiday of a lifetime. On other occasions, a delay to the schedule might mean not being able to attend an important meeting, perhaps with financial consequences. When a flight has been delayed, it is possible to claim for compensation, however. In order to maximise the amount that you might be entitled to, it is advisable to seek professional advice from Win Wales. We will be able to guide you through the process and take the hassle out of getting the funds that you are entitled to. But, what are the rules on delayed flights compensation and how do you know how much you might be able to get?

European Union rules cover flight delay compensation, so in order to maximise the amount you might be able to claim from an airline, a good knowledge of the law is essential, specifically EU regulation 261/2004. Under this regulation, the maximum possible compensation that might be obtained is set at 600 euros, which is a tidy sum when converted to sterling. The claim must meet the rules as laid out in the regulations, so using a specialist firm with experience in this area can mean getting it right first time. Importantly, this includes not claiming for more than you might be entitled to and therefore having your claim thrown out for being invalid.

One of the key things to bear in mind with making a claim for a delayed flight is that the regulations relate to EU-based airlines and flights that commence from a European airport. This means that you cannot make a claim for a domestic flight in the US, for example, unless the service happens to be run by company based in Europe. You can make claims for flights run by air operators which are based in locations outside of Europe, so long as the flight in question starts from an airport that is inside the European Union. However, under this system you couldn’t make a claim, for example, for a late flight from Cape Town to Heathrow if the airline was based in South Africa.

Under the EU regulations, it is possible for delayed passengers to make a claim for a flight that was booked some time ago. Some airlines have got into the habit of telling their customers that the delayed flight being claimed for needs to have beeen scheduled within the last twenty four months. This is largely down to an appeal made by an airline which aimed to set the precedent that flights could only be claimed for within a two year window. However, all passengers should be aware that this appeal was over ruled by the highest court in the UK and that delayed flights can have compensation claimed against them for up to six years from the date of the flight. Any airline which says a two year period is the maximum allowable is simply wrong.

Flights which have been delayed for three or more hours can be claimed against, but it is important to note that this is measured against the scheduled time of arrival, not of departure. So, if your airline makes up time during the flight after a delayed start, then you may not be able to claim. The key figure is a three-hour delay, as measured from the scheduled arrival time. More than three hours and you should be able to make a successful claim, but sometimes more compensation is available for flights that arrive over four hours late. Problems caused by staff sickness, technical faults, poor weather from a previous service or over-bookings are not allowed as a defence in any claim. However, delays that have come about due to things like political unrest, natural disasters, air traffic problems and airline security may mean that your airline can avoid a payout. Therefore, ensuring your claim is made correctly and follows the right criteria will help you to maximise the chances of obtaining the right payout your are entitled to.

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