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Local council pays out £6,000 in accident compensation to 84 year old

An 84 year old pensioner who fell due to a missing drain cover, suffering a large cut and bruising to his face, as well as a shoulder injury, has been awarded £6000 in injury compensation from his local council.

He has been left with a large scar on his face and continues to need physiotherapy at Hospital to help him with his injuries.

His Personal Injury Solicitor explained the basis of the case: “The council showed negligence and a breach of statutory duty in failing to maintain the highway in accordance with the Highways Act 1980.”

“The council initially tried to deny responsibility for this accident, and argued that it hadn’t been reported prior to the accident.… Read more

Lorry driver fractures arm while uploading goods – receives injury compensation

A lorry driver has successfully pursued an injury compensation claim after he fractured his arm, falling off the vehicle he was unloading.

As he lost his balance, the man reached out and fell on his outstretched hand. He immediately felt severe pain in his arm and was rushed to A&E where he was diagnosed with a fracture.

He was in plaster for six weeks, in which time he was unable to work and unable to complete regular household chores.

Following his injury, the driver contacted a personal injury specialist and was awarded full compensation after his employer admitted liability.… Read more

Pastry chef compensated after slip injury at work

A pastry chef has successfully pursued an injury compensation claim with the help of specialist personal injury solicitors after being injured in an accident at work.

The woman was employed in a garden centre restaurant and was placing cakes into a walk-in-freezer when she slipped on fluid that had been left on the floor.

She fell and suffered bruising to her knee and a painful soft-tissue injury to her shoulder which exacerbated a pre-existing condition. While her knee injury recovered within two weeks, she was left suffering ongoing pain in her shoulder following her accident, which is expected to recover.

Failed to ensure safe place of work

Following the accident, she contacted a specialist personal injury solicitor who pursued a claim of compensation on her behalf.… Read more

Injury lawyers welcome new duty to apologise

A new legal duty on medical and social care staff to apologise and tell patients when something has gone wrong, has been welcomed by the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers (APIL).

“Honesty and transparency is a huge step forward as the majority of those injured just want an explanation of what went wrong and why, alongside the knowledge that lessons have been learned,” said APIL president John Spencer.

“People want answers, they want to hear the words ‘I’m sorry’ and to find out the truth, but often they face a bureaucratic brick wall.”

“Many people look for something positive after a tragedy.… Read more

Cyclist injured in road accident secures £13,500 in compensation

John Priestley was cycling along Watnall Road in his home city of Nottingham, when a car recklessly pulled out from a side road and knocked him off his bicycle. An ambulance was called and John was taken to Queen’s Medical Centre in Nottingham for treatment.

The force of the collision and his subsequent fall caused soft tissue injuries to John’s head, neck, shoulder, knees and lower back. Pre-existing back problems were also exacerbated by the accident and he required several sessions of physiotherapy to aid his recovery. Mr Priestley’s injuries meant he could not return to work for five months and he required six months in total to fully recover.… Read more

Myths about injury compensation

Produced jointly by the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers and the Trades Union Congress.

Personal injury compensation is the subject of much myth and misunderstanding. APIL fights negative perceptions when possible, and actively tries to educate the public about the difference between a simple accident, which can never result in a successful claim, and negligence which causes injuries which could have been avoided.

The Compensation Myth is a joint document with the TUC, aimed at setting the record straight on seven common misunderstandings about the compensation system.

The Compensation Myth

It is common to hear stories of the “compensation culture” or claims that Britain is becoming “risk averse” as a result of people claiming compensation.… Read more

Shopper compensated after slip accident at supermarket

A woman has successfully pursued an injury compensation claim after being injured in an accident at a supermarket. The lady was visiting her local supermarket and was walking along one of the freezer aisles when she slipped on a pool of water which had been left on the floor.

She fell and suffered a painful soft-tissue injury to her lower back as well as damaging her knee. She sought medical help but took a year to fully recover from her injuries.

Following the accident, she contacted specialist personal injury solicitors to pursue a claim on her behalf. Their investigation identified a witness who had helped our client after her fall.… Read more

Cleaner injured in fall awarded £4,600 compensation

Paul Strange, a technical services operator, was asked to clean a large bread oven at Premier Foods’ Avonmouth bakery. However, there was not a ladder or other safe means of access down onto the oven floor. In order to gain access, Paul had to climb over the oven wall and use a crankshaft fitted to the wall for support.

In doing so, Paul slipped from the crankshaft and fell heavily onto the floor with his left shoulder taking the brunt of the fall. As a result, he suffered ligament damage to his shoulder and a soft tissue injury to his left wrist.… Read more

Can you claim compensation for an injury suffered on holiday?

If you’ve had an injury abroad whilst on holiday, you may not know that you can still make a claim. And not only that, you probably don’t even need to use overseas lawyers – your claim can often be resolved here in Wales.

If you’ve gone away on a package holiday, it’s most likely that it will be covered under the Package Travel, Package Holidays and Package Tours Regulations 1992. And whilst holidays usually go smoothly, there are also occasions when they don’t.

Whilst, as a holiday maker, you should take reasonable care, there are many circumstances beyond your control that could lead to injury.… Read more

Broken-leg girl receives £10,000 after climbing wall accident

A mobile climbing wall company has paid £10,000 in accident compensation after being found to have improperly supervised a minor who was climbing without a safety rope.

After climbing to the top of the wall, 15 year-old Jade Raynor, let go in order to drop back down – not realising that the supervisor hadn’t attached the safety line to her harness. The fall resulted in a nasty fracture.

Jade said: “The accident has really affected me. I used to dance and play football and I can’t do those things anymore. I still have a lot of pain in my leg and back, but the company never acknowledged or apologised for what happened.”… Read more

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tripping accident

Geraldine Gardiner

Tripping Accident

Awarded £2,000

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Diane Jones

Industrial Illness

Awarded £5,000

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