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Tripping on a broken pavement usually causes little more than a grazed knee – for some though, it can result in broken bones or worse – here’s how to claim…

Part of the council’s job is to keep public spaces safe and in good condition

Have you ever walked over broken or uneven paving slabs and thought “there’s an accident waiting to happen”?

Well, count yourself lucky as chances are, someone else won’t see it.

We tend to think of tripping on a loose or raised paving stone as something that happens to the elderly or frail – those who aren’t so steady on their feet. But the facts don’t bear this out.

Fortunately, tripping and falling on a broken or uneven pavement usually causes little more than a grazed knee and a bruised ego.… Read more

Nursing Assistant receives injury compensation after unprovoked violent attack

More than £13,000 has been awarded in injury compensation after an NHS Foundation Trust worker was attacked at work.

Andrew Eurich and a colleague were escorting a patient down a corridor using standard restraint techniques when the patient barged into him with force, resulting in Andrew falling into a fire door and tearing the cartilage in his lower back.

Mr Eurich was taken to hospital for immediate treatment, and despite physiotherapy and acupuncture treatments, Mr Eurich’s pain continues requiring on-going injections to help alleviate his symptoms.

Because his injury limited him from doing any manual handling, he was not capable of doing his job and had to retire on medical grounds.… Read more

Accident victim of careless driving receives injury compensation

David Tucker from Burton on Trent was walking across a pedestrian crossing on Eastern Avenue, Lichfield, when a driver who had failed to stop at a red light hit David side on knocking him to the ground.

The 57-year-old underwriter was knocked unconscious and was taken to Burton Hospital for treatment.

A broken knee left David immobilised and off work for five months which included three months of intensive physiotherapy after he had got over the shock of the accident and the surgery.

David said: “It was very traumatic after my accident. Getting over the shock of being knocked down and unconscious was tough but adjusting to life with a broken knee made it all the harder.… Read more

“Compensation Myth” exposed as 85% of injured workers don’t claim for accidents at work

The media would have us believe that we live in a “compensation culture”, in which thousands of people play the system to receive pay-outs they don’t deserve. But a report recently published by the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers (APIL) and the Trade Union Congress revealed that the opposite may in fact be true.

Entitled ‘The Compensation Myth’, the report found that whilst 610,000 people were injured at work in 2012-13, only 90,000 successful compensation claims were made.

This means that around 85% of people injured or made ill at work do not recover any compensation. Indeed, the report demonstrates that even the overall number of claims is dropping.… Read more

Insurers pay compensation after drunken behaviour leads to injuries

A recent case shows how drunken horse-play can lead to injury – but also that compensation can successfully be claimed in these cases.

In the incident, a lady had returned home from a night out with her then boyfriend who was somewhat the worse for wear. For reasons best known to himself he decided to give her a fireman’s lift whilst they were in the kitchen. Whilst doing so he lost his footing, slipped and dropped her onto the hard concrete floor resulting in a significant shoulder injury.

Understandably, the lady was initially reluctant to claim compensation, despite the serious nature of her injuries, because the claim was being brought against her boyfriend.… Read more

School kitchen worker compensated for shoulder injury

A kitchen worker at Pengar School in Llanelli, who was left in agony after continually lifting sacks of potatoes onto a trolley, has secured thousands of pounds in compensation from Carmarthenshire County Council.

The potato peeling machine in Tina Bowen’s school kitchen had been broken for a long period of time. As a result, she had to use a machine at a different school which left her manually lifting the heavy sacks onto a trolley and pushing them across a car park. She would then have to load the clean potatoes back onto the trolley in order to take them back to Pengar School to be cooked.… Read more

Security guard compensated after slip injury on wet floor

An injured man who had to take four months off work, and undergo knee surgery after slipping on a wet floor caused by a leaking tap has secured a £6,000 injury compensation settlement from his employer.

Colin Hillyard from Cheltenham was working at his company’s site in the town in September 2009 when he slipped on a toilet floor, which was wet because of a leaking tap.

Colin, 60, was unable to move his leg due to swelling the day after the accident which aggravated a pre-existing weakness in his right knee. He had to take three months off work while he waited for an operation and it took a further month for him to recover from his surgery.… Read more

Fatality after four hour wait outside A&E leads to urgent review at Welsh hospital

An urgent review has been launched by ABMU Health board in South Wales after it was reported that a man died after having to wait for more than four hours outside the Accident & Emergency department of the Princess of Wales hospital in Bridgend.

The patient was brought to the hospital in an ambulance and was assessed by a doctor whilst still in the ambulance. After this he was admitted to the accident & emergency department at 11am and became unwell two hours after this. Later on, despite the efforts of staff to resuscitate the patient, he died.

A statement released by the ABMU Health Board said:

“We are deeply saddened to report the death of a patient in the emergency department of the Princess of Wales Hospital on January 16.… Read more

Making personal injury claims against uninsured or untraced drivers

There are around 25,000 incidents every year in the UK involving uninsured drivers.

Accidents happen – it’s a fact of life. It’s also the reason why we take out insurance.

But if someone else is at fault, then it’s that person’s insurance that pays for any damage or injury you suffer.

So what happens if that person isn’t insured?

All motorists are required by law to have a valid insurance policy. But as we all know, not everyone obeys the law. No-one knows exactly how many uninsured drivers there are on Britain’s roads, but a fair estimate is about 1.2 million.… Read more

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Geraldine Gardiner

Tripping Accident

Awarded £2,000

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Industrial Illness

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