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£70,000 compensation payout for workplace cancer victim

A pensioner has successfully claimed injury compensation for damages after proving that his working conditions had led to nasal cancer. The timberman, Peter Spillet, had spent a quarter of a century working on the coast, repairing jetties, piers and wharfs.

The work meant that he inhaled a significant amount of wood dust without proper safety equipment being available. His former employers will now have to pay the injury compensation after a four year legal battle.… Read more

Meningitis brain injury compensation claim

A Bristol hospital is being sued by a mother who claims her daughter suffered a serious brain injury when doctors failed to diagnose a rare form of meningitis.

Clare Day now needs 24-hour support as a result of the damage caused to her brain by the tuberculosis meningitis in 2010 and is not capable of working or caring for her young son.

Her mother Elaine Nikolovski is suing the trust that runs Bristol Royal Infirmary for the injury Ms Day suffered and the care she will require for the rest of her life.… Read more

Bridgend man wins injury compensation case against McDonald’s security guards

A self-employed man who suffered severe head injuries after being attacked by security guards has been awarded injury compensation after help from solicitor Anthony Welsh.

The bricklayer, Ian de-Schoolmeester from Bridgend, was attacked after he and a group of friends were told to leave a branch of McDonalds in Cardiff, in December 2010. The security staff, who were subcontracted from RAS Securities by McDonalds, punched Mr de-Schoolmeester and threw him to the ground with such force that he required emergency hospital treatment, including brain surgery. He has recovered steadily following the attack and has now returned to work, but the injuries are likely to have on-going consequences including mental fatigue.… Read more

£7,700 awarded after pavement trip accident

A man injured after tripping on a pavement located within a recently completed housing estate, has received £7,700 in accident compensation from the building company responsible. A section of the pavement had fallen significantly, leaving an unexpected ‘step’ which caused the tripping injury.

The housing estate had only recently been completed, and so the injured man’s solicitors contacted both the local authority and the building company to establish who was responsible for the maintenance for the pavement. When both parties denied any wrong-doing, court proceedings were commenced to determine where the responsibility should lie.

A compensation settlement was achieved before the end of the trial, with the building company granting the accident victim £7,700 in compensation for his injuries.… Read more

Injured care worker wins accident compensation after assaults at work

An injured care worker who needed to give up her job after being repeatedly attacked by a violent teenager has been awarded accident compensation. The local Borough Council admitted liability after it was shown that the youth should have been moved to a secure unit as soon as his violent behaviour had been identified. Instead, the teenager was able to attack the care worker five times over an eight month period before he was finally moved.

The woman, who had been working as a carer for nine years, was hit with a chair, threatened with shattered Perspex, and punched a number of times.… Read more

Finger crush injury man receives £11,000 accident compensation

A factory worker who suffered a crushed finger as a result of a faulty crane mechanism has successfully sued his employer for accident compensation. His injury lawyers were able to show that he had received insufficient training in operating the crane. As a result of the lack of training, he had not realised that the crane grab was defective, leading to the accident at work.

After being admitted to hospital, the 26 year old needed to undergo accident emergency surgery, followed by over three months of follow-up medical treatment, and was unable to work for eight weeks. The man, a GMB Union member, was left with a deformed index finger after the accident, which he was unable to bend normally.… Read more

North Wales Police target motorcycle accidents in safety drive

Officers from North Wales Police will be stopping and talking to bikers “to educate them about the dangers” of riding in “challenging” areas like Snowdonia. Operation Focus, now in its 10th year, is being run by police hoping to reduce the number of bike-related accidents and deaths. Officers will patrol roads where traffic collisions are most common, including the A494, A5104, A5, A470 and the A487.

Chief Inspector Darren Wareing, in charge of the force’s Roads Policing Unit, stressed “This isn’t about catching bikers out, we want them to enjoy the roads, but most of all we want them to ride safely and responsibly”.… Read more

£4,000 awarded to car accident victim

A parked motorist who suffered injuries to his back, neck and knee in a road accident has been awarded £4,000 in compensation. He was minding his own business waiting for a friend whilst parked at the side of a main road when the incident occurred.

Another driver, travelling at speed, misjudged the distance and crashed into his vehicle, pushing it up onto the pavement. Despite an initial refusal to accept the blame by the defendants, the man’s solicitors were able to secure him the injury compensation payout. … Read more

Injured student in £147,000 compensation award

A student has successfully claimed £147,000 in compensation for the serious injuries she sustained having been knocked down by a car whilst she was on her way to university.

The car pulled out into her path and hit her at speed, causing her to suffer a fractured spine. This resulted in her having to undergo surgery to fuse the spine at the point of the fracture.

The compensation awarded was calculated to reflect both her suffering as a result of the accident and her likely future losses as a result of the injuries she sustained. At the time of the accident the student was a keen sportswoman and was studying to become a PE teacher.… Read more

Caerphilly cleaner compensated after accident at work

A cleaner who fell over on an unlit path whilst working at the Arriva Trains Canton Depot has received an accident compensation payout following a successful injury claim against their employer. The lady from Pwllypant Caerphilly was on her way to start the night shift cleaning trains, when she fell over building debris, turning her ankle and suffering a stress fracture to her foot. The path’s usual lighting had been disconnected whilst building work took place nearby, making it impossible for the cleaner to see the rubble.

The cleaner continued on to work her shift, whilst trying to keep the weight off her painful foot.… Read more

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Geraldine Gardiner

Tripping Accident

Awarded £2,000

Diane Jones

Industrial Illness

Awarded £5,000

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