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Motorbike accident leads to £650,000 compensation award after horrific knee injury

An electrician and promising Thai Boxing athlete has received a massive injury compensation payment following a motorbike accident.  The accident resulted in his knee being dislocated and left him with serious ligament and nerve damage.

Despite a series of five corrective operations over a five year period, the man’s injured knee is still extremely weak.   His chances of returning to competitive sport have been rated as nil and medical opinion is that he is likely to require two complete knee replacements in the years ahead.  In addition to this, his career options will continue to be limited by his inability to carry out a range of manual labour tasks.… Read more

HGV driver receives injury compensation award after road accident

An HGV driver who ended up in plaster when his vehicle crashed onto its side has successfully claimed injury compensation.  The accident was investigated by the police who found that injured driver was not at fault, and that the vehicle’s owners had failed to properly maintain it.

Despite the haulage company’s attempts to fight the injury compensation claim, a settlement was agreed out of court with the driver receiving a sum of £5,000 in respect of his injuries and loss of income, in addition to his legal costs being paid in full.… Read more

Big Mac injury claimant takes a £1,100 bite from McDonalds

McDonalds have paid over £1,000 accident compensation to a man from Cambridge after he was injured by a piece of metal that had ended up in his quarter-pounder.

Kevin Smith’s meal at the McDonalds restaurant was brought to a sudden and painful halt when he unwittingly bit down onto a small piece of aluminium lurking in his burger.  The result was a broken tooth and numerous trips to the dentist.

Mr Smith said that he felt he had been unlucky but was concerned that if a child had come across the metal piece it could have had more serious consequences.

McDonalds confirmed an incident had taken place at its Cambridge branch and that the company had performed a thorough investigation, which had now been successfully resolved with the complainant.… Read more

Former miner receives over £70,000 in successful mesothelioma cancer compensation claim

A former miner, who was exposed to asbestos fibres during an eighteen year period working in two Nottinghamshire collieries, has been awarded £73,890 in compensation for mesothelioma cancer by a judge at London’s High Court.

The ninety-two year old from Beeston, Nottinghamshire, worked at the collieries in Sutton and Moorgreen between 1967 and 1985 where, it had been alleged, he was exposed to asbestos fibres which were responsible for the development of mesothelioma cancer.

Mrs Justice Swift at the High Court heard how the man had been in good physical health and living independently in his home, prior to being found lying on the floor of his flat struggling for breath in March 2010.… Read more

Joiner receives over £1million injury compensation pay-out follower accident at work

A self-employer joiner, who was left semi-paralysed when an 8 foot piece of ply-board hit him during a storm, has been awarded more than a million pounds in compensation for injury due to insecure load in an out of court settlement. 
The man from Peterborough, Cambridgeshire, was working a College roof in St. Neots in late 2007 when the tragedy occurred. While in the process of covering insulation which had been laid on the roof, a gust of wind caught a large piece of ply-board and blew it straight at him – knocking him unconscious.

The man was rushed to Addenbrooke´s Hospital, where doctors diagnosed him with a severe spinal injury.… Read more

Mechanic wins £100,000 accident compensation after loss of eye

A man who worked as a mechanic at a bus company has won £100,000 injury compensation following an incident in which he lost an eye.

Ross Carey has lost all vision in his left eye when a metal fragment flew into it while repairing a bus. Despite emergency surgery, doctors were unable to restore his sight and he will never regain vision in that eye.

Following the work accident, which happened while he worked for Edinburgh Tours, Mr Carey launched a legal bid for accident compensation.

The court was told that wearing goggles in the workplace was not routinely enforced, and that Mr Carey was “under pressure” to complete the task of releasing a camshaft when a spark of metal struck his eye.… Read more

Hospital pays £5,000,000 medical negligence compensation to child

A 10-year-old girl, who cannot be named for legal reasons, has been awarded a seven figure injury compensation package due to hospital mismanagement of her care when she was an infant.

The injury compensation deal includes both a lump sum compensation payout of £5,000,000 and annual compensation payments of between £50,000 and £100,000 to pay for her continuing care for the rest of her life.

She has also received a “full and unreserved apology” from the hospital involved.

The girl now suffers from severe disabilities after she was a victim of medical negligence.  The hospital mismanaged the care of a virulent infection when she was a baby.… Read more

Oven chip in £2,200 accident compensation payout

A woman from Leeds who lost a double filling when it was knocked out by a hard lump in an Aunt Bessie oven chip has received over £2,000 in injury compensation.

When Susan Stapylton, 60, complained to Aunt Bessie’s, she was initially offered a £5 voucher from the manufacturers as injury compensation.  She said: “I couldn’t have a drink, and breathing and coughing…it was a nightmare.

“I thought at the time, ‘I have seven grandchildren that are young, what if it had been one of them and they’d swallowed it and it got stuck in their throat?’”

She had only had the filling put in two days before the chip knocked it out, but as she was also awaiting a separate operation she then had to rely on temporary fillings until that was completed and she had recovered.… Read more

Hotel guest awarded £6,500 compensation payout after chair collapse

A hotel guest was who suffered a back injury following an accident at a hotel has successfully claimed £6,500 in compensation.  The woman tumbled to the ground during a family meal after the chair she was sitting on collapsed from under her.

As a result of the accident, the woman suffered soft tissue injuries to her lower back which required physiotherapy, and continued to cause her discomfort for months after the accident.

The solicitors acting on behalf of the injured guest noted that the hotel had “failed to ensure that their facilities were safe for use and this is what led to her accident”.… Read more

Brynmawr man to pay compensation to dog bite victim

Mark Smith, 52, was ordered to pay £250 to Pamela Young after she was bitten on her left calf by Smith’s dog, a black collie cross breed called Prinze, in April this year.

Mr Smith pleaded guilty at Caerphilly Magistrates Court to charges of allowing his dog to be dangerously out of control in a public place and for causing the injury.

Prosecutor Chris Simkins told the court how Ms Young had parked her car to see her daughter on George Street at around 3 o’clock in the afternoon.  Ms Young saw the dog running up the street as she got out of her car.… Read more

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Tripping Accident

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