Amputation Claims

The loss of a limb is one of the most traumatic injuries you can suffer. It takes time to come to terms with such a significant injury, and an amputation severely impacts how you live and work. Whether you suffered a loss of a limb because of a workplace injury or medical negligence, our personal injury solicitors at WINWales will handle your compensation claim with integrity and honesty.

Losing a limb is a stressful and life-changing experience, and adjusting to life following an amputation is incredibly difficult. Returning to activities you once enjoyed is often tough. Prostheses allow amputees to work towards enjoying sports and other activities they once enjoyed. Rehabilitation and other therapies also help amputees adjust to life without a hand, foot, arm, or leg. The recovery process is long and costly. Not only does an amputation only affects the amputee, but it also has an impact on their family.

Reducing Stress and Available Resources

We work closely with you to minimise the stress related to submitting a claim for compensation. Using our experience in handling all types of claims related to amputation, our injury specialists work on your behalf to get the settlement you deserve. We understand the impacts of amputation and we work hard to maximise awards for damages, including the financial impact of rehabilitation and lost earnings. We also work hard to ensure you receive the resources you need. This includes obtaining specialist assessments and reports that outline your prosthetic needs, both in the short-term and the future. Advances in technology have resulted in life-like prostheses that match an amputee’s skin as well as cutting-edge robotic devices. Bionic prosthetic limbs are also helping amputees live fuller lives using technology that interfaces directly with your thoughts.

Negotiating Settlements

Our personal injury specialists consider all your immediate and long-term needs when negotiating settlements. Losing a limb can lead to roadblocks related to getting a job or keeping the one you already have because of your inability to carry out of your duties. You may also need special training to adjust before returning to work. These adjustments take time and money. That is why in addition to seeking financial compensation for the prosthesis that best suits your needs, we seek damages that cover all damages. This includes rehabilitation costs and lost earnings due to your inability to work now and in the future. We also seek financial compensation for any adaptations you need for your home.

Our personal injury solicitors are fully aware of how an amputation impacts your life and the lives of the people you love. We are dedicated to securing the best possible settlement and compensation that meets your needs now and down the road. We do this by securing payments that cover prosthetic devices and services as well as counselling and rehabilitation. We also work hard to get settlements that cover any losses due to your injury, including lost wages. Once you have provided details of your accident, we work closely with you to understand how your injury has impacted your life. We work with medical professionals to understand your needs and gather evidence to help make your claim successful. Losing a limb will forever change your life, but WINWales is dedicated to getting the compensation you need to make the most of your life.

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