Hand Injury Claims

An injury to your hand can have a serious impact on your life. A tradesperson, artist and craftsperson relies on their hands for their livelihood. A hand injury can destroy their ability to make a living in the short-term as well as in the future depending on the severity. Pain and suffering due to the injury may also have psychological effects on your life, as well as damaging relationships with others.

An injury to your hand may affect your fingers and thumbs, wrist or palm. Any injury to a part of your hand can result in reduced mobility. Common injuries include damaged muscles, ligaments and tendons that control your hand’s ability to grasp and release. Damage to nerves could affect your ability to sense items you touch. You could also fracture or break bones in your hand, including bones that make up your fingers and thumb.

There are several ways you can sustain a hand injury. A fall because of a defect on the pavement or steps could result in a fractured wrist or broken fingers. In these cases, the local council or another agency that maintains the path or road could be legally at fault. Similarly, you might injure your hand in a road traffic accident caused by someone else. Hand injuries are also common in the workplace. Your employer may be legally at fault for the cause of the injury if they did not provide you with appropriate safety equipment. They may also be at fault for injuries that arise when work equipment was not properly maintained or you were not given adequate training.

If you injure your hand due to accident or negligence, you may be eligible for compensation. How much you receive often depends on the extent of the injury. Compensation will also vary depending on whether you suffered additional damages, such as financial losses. Minor hand injuries including cuts and crushes that result in pain lasting for a couple of months will typically result in lower settlements when compared to more serious injuries. Higher settlements of several thousand pounds are likely if you have ongoing symptoms or suffer a permanent disability because of the injury. The loss of a hand or fingers could result in a settlement of tens of thousands of pounds.

A hand injury could result in lost sensation and make it difficult to grasp tools and other items. Constant pain may also affect your ability to enjoy things with your once loved, like playing sports or doing simple family activities. If you have suffered damages due to a hand injury that was not your fault, WINWales will help you get compensation. When seeking compensation, you are entitled to claim for the pain and suffering caused by the injury to your hand. You are also able to seek compensation for financial losses due to your inability to work. Medical expenses to treat the injury and rehabilitate your hand are also eligible. Our experienced hand injury specialists will work closely with you to understand the impact the injury had on your life. Using this information, we will negotiate a fair settlement that reflects the damages you have suffered.

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