Cancer Misdiagnosis Compensation

Although cancer services across the UK have improved greatly over the past decade, occasionally cancer misdiagnosis in Wales does occur. Cancer recovery depends heavily on an accurate diagnosis with early detection being crucial to a patient’s chances of treatment, and ultimately survival. If a delay is caused in the diagnosis of cancer symptoms may become worse and eventually incurable. Misdiagnosis can also be defined as the diagnosis and treatment of cancer to a person who is suffering from something else. The traumatic experience of being told you have such a serious illness can cause increased depression and anxiety.

The recent Gregg-v-Scott House of Lord’s case has made it necessary for victims to provide evidence that the negligent diagnosis caused an adverse outcome such as delay in treatment, more severe illness or further psychological trauma. Therefore it is important that we can state what would have been done differently and if that could have impacted the outcome before you see to claim compensation.

If you or a loved one has received a cancer misdiagnosis WINWales can provide expert advice and support to ensure you are not left feeling maltreated. Our medical negligence specialists are renowned for approaching these kinds of cases in a sensitive manner, making positive steps to help you with your claim.

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