Surgical negligence claims

Despite the high quality of surgical procedures carried out in the UK, mistakes can and do occur. At WINWales, we are legal experts with an excellent reputation for successfully pursuing compensation claims on behalf of clients who have experienced problems as a result of negligence or incompetence on the part of medical personnel.

If you’ve suffered problems from any type of surgical procedure that you believe to be a result of negligence or incompetence, call us or simply fill in our online enquiry form and submit it to us. Our team of legal experts will handle your enquiry with the utmost sensitivity and in the strictest confidence. Initially, we will offer free professional advice regarding your situation and the likelihood of successfully pursuing a claim on your behalf.

On taking your case, one of our expert solicitors will guide you personally throughout the whole process. Whether your surgical procedure took place in an NHS hospital or private hospital or clinic, we will make intensive enquiries on your behalf with the necessary medical authorities and determine whether your post-operative complications are the result of incompetence, negligence, faulty or badly maintained equipment or any other causes that could reasonably have been avoided.

Once we have established that your medical problems are the result of avoidable errors that were made during the operation, we will vigorously pursue a claim on your behalf, and we will handle your claim on a No-Win-No Fee basis. That means there will be no financial outlay on your part; our fee will be recovered from your compensation amount.

The amount of compensation that you can expect will depend on the nature and severity of the complications caused by the operation. These are normally determined according to the amount of discomfort or pain suffered, or if your operation leaves you unable to do things that you should still be able to do. Rest assured that your personally assigned medical negligence solicitor will keep you advised on all aspects of the ongoing claims procedure. Claims of this nature need time to prepare and progress through the legal system, and 18 months to three years is typical of the time period required to successfully pursue your claim. Some complex cases can take longer, but in straightforward cases we will try to complete your claim and secure adequate compensation within 12 months.

Even the most highly skilled surgeons can make errors. These, thankfully, are rare but can range from imprecise work to leaving surgical instruments or materials inside the patient. Other personnel are also involved in any surgical procedure. These may include anaesthetists, nurses, equipment operators and others, all of whom are required to perform competently and with sufficient care throughout the entire procedure. There are also claims that can be made that don’t directly relate to the surgical procedure itself but to the hospital’s failure to provide you with enough information. For example, in order for you to give consent to any surgical procedure, you need to be fully informed of the possible negative consequences of the surgery, even when that procedure is performed faultlessly.

At Win Wales, our medical negligence solicitors successfully handle a wide variety of claims relating to all aspects of surgical operations. So, feel free to contact us if you feel that you have received substandard surgical treatment that has caused you problems. We’ll be with you all the way.

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