Case Studies

Road Traffic Accidents

Mr M was involved in a road traffic accident when his motor cycle struck a sheep that had strayed onto the A470. As a result of the collision Mr M suffered life changing injuries, including severe fractures to both ankles, and severe injuries to his arms. Mr M also sustained substantial damage to his teeth requiring extensive private dental treatment. We were contacted by Mr M and were asked to deal with his claim. The claim involved complex areas of law, relating to the Animals Act. The case required a number of complex reports, not only from various medical experts but also experts in sheep behaviour and accident reconstruction. The matter was listed for Trial however shortly before Trial, the parties were able to agree a settlement for Mr M in the sum of £100,000.00.

Mrs Davies was a passenger in a Uber vehicle when a moped collided with the side of the vehicle. Mrs Davies recovered £13,000 for her injuries. Mrs Davies was provided with an extremely knowledgeable and experienced solicitor who was supportive and got a better result than she was expecting...Mrs Davies said ‘Chris the Solicitor got me a fabulous result and I would definitely use him again.’ £13,000.

Mrs H was injured in a car accident where the other person was to blame. She received £2,000 accident compensation plus physiotherapy treatment.

Miss T was injured in a side impact road traffic accident and suffered whiplash injury plus driving anxiety. She received £4,326 in injury compensation.

Mr & Mrs J were injured in a car accident. They both sustained whiplash injuries and had to have time off work. They each won £2,000 in accident compensation, plus medical treatment to speed their recovery.

Mr S was cycling when he was hit by a bus and suffered massive injuries including a rib fracture, a dislocated shoulder, a fibular fracture, a fractured sternum and soft tissue injury to his neck and right shoulder. This has exacerbated existing back problems and left him with breathing difficulties and psychological injuries. He received £33,000 in injury compensation.

Mr G was a front seat passenger in a vehicle which experienced a rear end shunt. His accident compensation claim resulted in an award of £1,750.

Mr & Mrs H were in a stationary vehicle which was hit in the rear. They each received £1,750 in injury compensation.

Mrs P was hurt in a road traffic accident and recovered £3,000 accident compensation plus the cost of private physiotherapy.

Mrs E, , a lady in her 90’s, suffered an injury to her left shoulder when a mini bus she was travelling on was struck to the rear. She received £14,200 injury compensation plus the costs of physiotherapy and repayment of benefits.

Mrs S was a passenger on a bus which jerked violently forward when crossing a speed ramp. She suffered fractured vertebrae resulting in taking early retirement and having to subsequently only work part time. Her accident compensation claim resulted in an award of £80,000.

Work Related Accidents

Mr L was involved in an accident when he was struck by the rear door of a heavy goods vehicle that he was driving. As the Claimant was attempting to secure one of the rear doors, the other rear door was blown by a gust of wind and struck Mr L on the head causing Mr L to sustain a significant traumatic brain injury. The injury resulted in Mr L having memory problems and also resulted in Mr L losing his sense of smell. Mr L was also left with a condition known as tinnitus which is a condition which affects the hearing. Mr L was also left with a risk of developing epilepsy due to the head injury. Liability for the accident was denied by both the owners of the yard where Mr L was delivering goods to, liability was also denied by his employers. The claim proceeded to a Trial, however shortly before the Trial date we were able to secure a settlement for Mr L from his employers in the sum of just over £82,000.00.

Mr Marchant was working in Oxford on a building site when he fell and injured his ankle. Mr Marchant recovered £22,000 for his injuries. Mr Marchant was provided with an experienced, tenacious solicitor which was extremely necessary given the defendant was not in any mood to be co- operative....Mr Marchant said 'the Solicitor was always there when I needed advice and guidance. The time and effort he put in for me was second to none’ £22,000.

Mr B was involved in an accident at work, badly injuring his eye which resulted in impaired vision. We recovered a compensation settlement of £30,000 for him.

Mr B injured his knee at work due to congested working conditions. He subsequently had difficulty in kneeling which meant he had to change his job. He received £16,500 injury compensation which included loss of earnings, missed overtime and future difficulties in finding employment.

Mr C contracted dermatitis at work which disadvantaged him on the labour market. He subsequently had to find alternative employment at a lower rate of pay and was awarded compensation of £43,000.

Personal Liability

Mr J tripped on a ridge whilst walking along a pavement in Cardiff. He sustained a fracture to his lower leg and needed physiotherapy. We secured a compensation sum of £4,500 for him.

We acted for Mrs E, a 56 year old woman who was injured whilst walking along a road. A third party driving a white Transit van struck her causing extensive injuries to her right foot. The injury led to a series of operations and the victim also suffered psychiatric problems as a result of the accident. Liability was admitted, and the case has recently settled in the sum of £27,000 in respect of General and Special Damages.

Mr H, a 64 year old man was on holiday when he tripped over a pavement with a raised edge and suffered a heavy fall. He sustained a knee injury, injuries to his right hand and wrist and lacerations to the bridge of his nose. We acted for him and although liability was originally denied it was eventually admitted. The compensation claim was settled for a total of £2,500 for General and Special Damages.

Medical Negligence

When Mrs W had a caesarean section she was incompetently stitched. This led to kidney failure and the need to remove the kidney. She received compensation totalling £350,000.

Mr M was a professional rugby player who suffered a knee injury whilst playing. The negligent surgery which followed curtailed his playing career by 2 years and he received £118,000 in injury compensation.

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    tripping accident

    Geraldine Gardiner

    Tripping Accident

    Awarded £2,000

    industrial illness

    Diane Jones

    Industrial Illness

    Awarded £5,000

    road accident

    Ryan Lloyd

    Road Accident

    Awarded £2,800

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