Medical Misdiagnosis Compensation

When you visit a doctor about a medical complaint you should be assured that their professional knowledge will ensure both a correct and timely diagnosis of any ailment. Sometimes, however, medical misdiagnosis can ensue leading to often life-changing and tragic consequences.

The term medical misdiagnosis refers to a variety of clinical negligence areas ranging from delayed diagnosis of a life-changing illness such as cancer to undiagnosed injuries. To make a claim for compensation the misdiagnosis will need to have affected you in a harmful way; causing your further pain, changes to life expectancy, lifestyle changes or loss of earnings.

We believe that an important part of a misdiagnosis claim is long-term support. Our expert solicitors will work personally with you to provide confidential advice and a sympathetic and knowledgeable approach to the situation. From rehabilitation to further care WINWales will endeavour to provide you with the most efficient form of legal representation.

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