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Optician Negligence Compensation

For the majority of us, regular health examinations and medical procedures are a valuable part of normal healthcare and the eyecare work of opticians is an important part of this care framework. The dual advantage of visiting your optician is that any eye problems will be addressed, plus the fact that you can rely upon eyecare professionals to also detect and understand the warning signs of any more-serious underlying condition which their investigations may reveal.

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Whilst it is reassuring to note that opticians and other optics professionals provide an excellent service to the public, things can sometimes go wrong. Though any mistake can have unpleasant consequences, some can have devastating outcomes. One contemporary instance of alleged negligence accuses a locum optometrist engaged by a high-street chain of failing to spot a life-threatening medical issue whilst conducting a routine eye examination. In this rare occurrence, it is claimed that this alleged professional incompetence, unfortunately, contributed to the subsequent death of the patient.

Subject to certain time limits, anyone who has suffered injury through an accident or negligence related to eyecare examinations or treatments may well be able to claim compensation for the discomfort, expense and inconvenience this may have caused.

Principal categories of optician negligence

It can be helpful to think of optician negligence as falling under two distinctive categories. Category one is concerned with failings related to eye examinations. These can include the neglectful inability to recognise or diagnose initial symptoms which are then allowed to deteriorate further, the incorrect diagnosis of a condition, and matters such as failing to prescribe corrective eyewear or specifying lenses of inappropriate design or strength. Category two, on the other hand, addresses problems directly related to the negligent delivery of prescribed treatments and procedures which fail to meet the standards on which patients are usually able to rely and thus are entitled to expect.

Injuries sustained during surgical procedures

With something like 15,000 laser eye operations carried out annually in the UK, this type of procedure is regularly used to offer advanced corrective treatments which thus avoid the need for prescription glasses or contact lenses. And similarly, cataract surgery also provides a convenient way to restore vision to those suffering from this disabling condition. Where successful, such treatments offer life-changing benefits, but if they are administered negligently, the outcomes may condemn patients to permanent eye damage, dry eyes, astigmatism and more.

The impact of optician negligence

Those who have been subjected to optician negligence will need professional help to identify and assess the possible impact and future implications. Any subsequent compensation award will consider how the patient has been negatively affected by the experience in specific areas such as:

1) The possibility that the incident has required friends and family to provide care.
2) The likelihood that the incident may have a continuing, life-changing impact.
3) The financial loss may occur through temporary, or even permanent, loss of employment.
4) The additional expenses which occur as a direct result of the injury – for example, travel costs or further remedial treatments.

Specialist assessment

Any compensation claim for optician negligence will require the careful attention of a specialist solicitor to handle the process. The complex nature of the medical context often necessitates liaison with experts in the field and a clear understanding of the evidence which will be required to establish a full picture of all possible repercussions and ensure a successful outcome for the injured party.

If you think that you’ve received negligent treatment from an optician then call us on 0333 567 4000 or complete our online enquiry form

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