Personal Injury Claims

Accidents can happen in our everyday life when we least expect them. If your injury was not your fault and could have been easily avoided you may be entitled to compensation. Our team of friendly solicitors have a wealth of experience dealing with personal injury claims and will strive to achieve the best outcome for your case.

From accidents caused by defects or faults on pavements, potholes or slippery surfaces to maintenance hazards in public places, WINWales’ personal injury solicitors will provide professional advice to support any compensation claim you choose to make. Apart from injuries sustained in the UK, our team also work with individuals who were injured on holiday abroad, giving the best guidance to you when you need us most.

Types of Personal injuries

Car accident injuries

Carelessness and ignorance are the causes of many vehicle accidents. Day by day, car accidents occur, and therefore, compensation of the innocent party injured is inevitable. Attorneys specialising in vehicle accident personal claims assist the victim get their rightful compensation through a court process. The plaintiff must have adequate medical documents to back the injury claim, not limited to but including the police and insurance reports or private investigators’ findings on the accident. The validity of your claim depends mostly on these documents.

Workplace-related injuries

You may be hit by equipment, say if you are a construction worker. The injury you may get can cause you to take time off work, while meeting your bills on time may be next to impossible. You can file a claim for your injury, whether caused by risky work practices or flaunting the health and safety regulations, provided the accident or injury is not your fault.
These claims are quite complex to process, say work injuries related to cybersecurity or hacking at the workplace. Such injuries may cause emotional or mental anguish. Nevertheless, the cybercriminal is liable to compensate the personal injury to the victim.

Slip and fall injuries

While walking or running, you may slip and fall, and if it is not your fault, you can seek compensation. Property owners are personally liable for hazardous obstructions that may cause injury to people. A lawyer will get you through this process as not all claims receive compensation depending on the case’s complexity.
Suppose the property is not well maintained or has been tweaked to cause harm to users. In that case, the claim may be unfavourable to the premises owner.

Product liability injuries

For defective and harmful products to the user, compensation claims can be processed for the injuries sustained. Consumer products such as food, electronics, medicine, cosmetics may cause injuries to the users on using or continued using. An attorney will help injured victims file claims for compensation from the product producers, whether it is a government firm, individuals or business entities.
To determine the compensation the victims should get, solicitors aid in determining the degree of the injuries.

Medical misconduct

Characterised by the complexity, seeking a medical malpractice injury will need a lawyer well experienced in the field. A medical practitioner, a doctor, pharmacist or nurse, may administer their services ignoring important factors, say in medicine administering, or prescription not to mention even treatment. This definitely may cause injury to the victim; thereby, a compensation claim by the victim’s family can be issued.

Medical malpractice includes surgery errors, misdiagnosis, birth damages, pharmaceutical errors etc. It’s not in all cases that an injury may be caused by the medical officer. Therefore, this field requires an experienced lawyer to consider all factors to determine the validity of a claim and the injury extent.

Legal Action Time Limit

As soon as you find out about your injury, take legal action within the allowed period, acquiring a solicitor for professional advice on the injury claim. Mostly 4 to 9 months in some cases. Still, for medical negligence, it may take up to 3 years. Some cases may be special, leading to complexity in processing the compensation claim; therefore, the court may issue a significant time extension.

Consideration to choosing a solicitor.

This, of course, is if you want to take a legal step to get claims to your injury. You should consult a solicitor, a verified member of the Law Society personal accreditation or clinical negligence accreditation schemes. This will depend on the type of case you have. The law Society provides details regarding their solicitors.

Paying for the legal process

To undertake legal action for compensation on a personal injury may need a little too much. To cover the costs, you can opt to use the conditional fee agreement or use your insurance. For insurance payment, legal fees and expenses are considered, say for car or travel insurance policies.
If you choose to use the conditional fee agreement, you will not pay your solicitor or legal fees attached to the case as the other party will. If you lose the case, you are advised by a solicitor to get insurance for such a case to deal with the legal expenses.

We often are involved in accidents that are caused by uncontrollable factors. Thus we find ourselves in situations we didn’t anticipate would happen. Knowing the different types of injury claims and the legal processes involved will keep you informed in case of an accident.

Winwales provides lawyers with extensive knowledge on the claims and personal injury compensation field to give you the best compensation services.

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