Headway claims for brain injury

Headway, the brain injury charity, has produced a code of conduct for solicitors handling claims for compensation. WINWales can refer you to specialist, local solicitors who appear in the Headway directory which lists specialist brain injury solicitors in Wales.

In its guidelines to the claims process, Headway set out what you can expect from your solicitor and other people like medical experts and insurers when making a claim for brain injury. Though the main purpose of your claim is to obtain financial compensation for your injuries, other positive benefits may be available. For instance, according to the Rehabilitation Code adopted by third-party insurers, you and your family can expect support in the form of rehabilitation and treatment. This can take various forms: a Case Manager may be appointed to assess what support you need, and you may also be offered counselling or Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. Some insurers will agree to fund support and rehabilitation even if they have not agreed who is to blame for your injuries.

In order to claim successfully you will need to show three things: that you were injured, that someone else injured you, and that they were at least partly to blame for your injuries. If the argument goes to court, as the injured party you will be known as the Claimant, and the person or company you are claiming against as the Defendant. Your solicitor will handle every step of the process and explain what you need to know. They are also aware of the trauma and distress that can arise not only from the original injury but from the process of recovery and claiming compensation.

Following the Headway guidelines, the solicitor looking after your case will obtain expert medical reports about your injuries and what effect they have had on your quality of life, and your ability to earn. An expert in brain injury will examine you to assess what support you need and how your injuries may improve or worsen in future (prognosis). The expert can assess your treatment needs and care requirements. To help your recovery, it is important that you receive the recommended treatment as soon as possible.

As well as claiming for the brain injury, you are entitled to claim expenses. These are items that can be specifically identified, like loss of earnings from your work, the cost of any care you need, medical expenses and any equipment you need while you are recovering or in the long term. Our solicitors can go through all these details with you to work out what expenses you have paid out already, as well as what you may need to pay out in future as a result of your injury.

Here at WINWales, we recognise the importance of following the Headway guidelines. The charity was set up to assist people recovering from the trauma of head injury. Our panel solicitors will follow the Rehabilitation Code drawn up to make sure that everyone involved in a claim for brain injury works in the best interests of the injured person and their family.

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