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PIP Implant Claims Explained

Estimated to have been fitted in the region of 50,000 women throughout the UK, including many in Wales, PIP breast implants were manufactured by a French company named Poly Implant Prothese. About 95 per cent of these were fitted by private clinics with the remaining number conducted by the National Health Service. In 2010, PIP breast implants were outlawed after it was discovered that an unauthorised silicone was being used in them. Commonly put to use to fill mattresses, this industrial grade silicone gel did not come up to the correct medical standards of the approved material.

Although the NHS has already announced that it will remove and replace any PIP implants that were fitted under its services, there is no such guarantee for the vast majority of women who had theirs fitted under private practice. As such, in many cases women who had privately fitted implants have faced the unedifying prospect of having to pay out for them to be removed if they were concerned about risks. Claiming for any financial costs and medical damages caused by such actions has therefore been essential for a good number of women who were unknowingly fitted with unsafe products.

PIP Implant Tests

Crucial to the legal case surrounding PIP implants has been the number of medical tests to which they have undergone. Research into them has shown that PIP implants have an abnormally high rupture rate when compared to those made by other manufacturers. This has caused a great deal of concern among women with all types of breast implant who often did not know which type they had been fitted with. This is because when an implant suffers from a rupture, the silicone gel can flow outward into the host’s body. This is often seen by medical practitioners in the form of scar tissue which builds up around the breast. Such damaged tissues will commonly alter the shape of the breast and mean that a different feel results, too. Of course, tissue which has been subject to this sort of damage can also be an irritant. Furthermore, it can augment the amount of inflammation that is felt around a breast which, in turn, makes removing an implant more difficult.

PIP Implant Insight

It is important to state that a common concern – that a leaking of silicone into the body will cause cancer – is not borne out by the scientific evidence. Nevertheless, where industrial silicon gels have been used, as opposed to medical grade ones, there can be no confident predictions about the longer term effects of breast implant leakage. Even from implants which have not ruptured, there is little that is fully known about the long-term implications. Importantly, while health regulators in France have given out advice that all PIP implants should be removed, the UK medical advice is far from clear when it comes to privately fitted ones. Indeed, they are only routinely removed when there is a case of them causing problems like tenderness or pain.

The BBC has reported that some private medical groups have demanded that women sign a waiver to say they will take no further legal action before a removal procedure for PIP implants takes place. In addition, the French company responsible, PIP, went into administration in 2010. These are both reasons that cause many women feel a degree of anxiety about where they stand when it comes to pursuing a personal injury claim – quite apart from the worry about the implants themselves. Significant questions remain about how compensation will be organised and from which body or bodies it can be claimed.

Win Wales Can Help

Fortunately, women all over Wales have Win Wales to turn to, to guide them through this difficult process. Along with all the anxiety many people have about their implants from a medical point of view, dealing with a potential claim – and getting it done correctly under the law – can be too much to take on. Therefore, appointing a professional who can help with all of the legal matters that arise from a compensation claim is highly advisable. For anyone who has been directly affected by the PIP scandal, which also includes testicular implants, there is the possibility of making a legal claim for compensation. However, there is a time limit under which claims can be made, so do not delay.

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