Bus Accident Compensation Claims

Have you been involved in a passenger’s bus accident while travelling? This means you could be eligible for a personal injury compensation claim. However, it is not wise to try to get compensated directly by the bus operators as they might end up shortchanging you. To be on the safe side, seek a lawyer’s legal advice and services as these experts are well aware of every rule that should be followed in the industry.

Causes of Bus Accidents

There are numerous situations that may cause a bus accident, including:

  • The driver loses concentration and consequently, hits another vehicle or a still object
  • A passenger slipping on rubbish or liquid on the bus aisle and falling down
  • The driver shutting the door before a passenger has fully alighted or boarded the bus
  • A person getting hit by a bus while crossing the road
  • The driver applied instant brakes, leading to a passenger getting hit on the head by the seat in front
  • A person getting hit by a bus while waiting at the bus stop
  • The driver accelerates as a passenger is making their way to a seat
  • A passenger who is standing due to lack of sitting space gets thrown off balance when the driver accelerates or applies brakes suddenly
  • A passenger getting injured by faulty equipment on the bus

Who Bears the Responsibility for a Bus Accident?

Although a passenger is expected to abide by all the warning signs like when they should stand and how to board and alight from a bus, the company and the driver are tasked with the responsibility of safely transporting and getting you to your destination unharmed.
It is the responsibility of the driver to drive the passengers safely at all times. Often, the personal injury claims that get lodged are those of a driver who was driving in an unsafe manner, causing an injury even when there was no collision with any other vehicle.
In other cases, it could be that another motorist caused the collision or distracted the driver and risked the passengers’ safety.

What to Do If You Get Involved in a Bus Accident

Seatbelts are meant to reduce any risk of injury in case of an accident. But, it is possible to suffer physical and traumatic effects after an accident. Sometimes, they are severe and long-lasting, warranting medical attention and legal advice.

The first thing that you should do is seek medical attention. Afterwards, report the accident to the police and the bus company too. Remember the following:

  • Have proof that you were a passenger on that specific bus. You can ensure this by keeping a ticket you got on that fateful day.
  • Have a record of where, when and how the accident took place
  • If you are in a position, get photographs of the accident scene as they can help you validate your claims of the events
  • If you want to pursue your personal injury claim, your medical treatment records will be very helpful. You will also be required to go for further medical tests as of your claim process.

Contact a qualified solicitor as soon as possible as it will help you recount the events while they are still fresh in your mind. This will also enable the lawyer to make all the required enquiries before the defendant starts taking steps to destroy evidence such as deleting CCTV footage. You are usually given 3 years after the occurrence of an accident to make your personal injury claim. So, the faster you do it, the better the chances of a successful claim.

How Much Will It Cost to Make a Personal Injury Claim?

Most solicitors offer their clients a no win no fee service for a bus accident claim. This is also known as a conditional fee agreement. This is where you are not required to pay any upfront fee towards the solicitor’s services. After a successful claim, your attorney will deduct a percentage of the compensation for the services. You will have to agree on the percentage your attorney will take after a successful claim even before the start of the case. This is usually known as a success fee. However, if you succeed in your claim, you will not be obligated to pay any legal fees.

What the Compensation Includes

If your claim is successful, you will get compensated for the pain and suffering that was caused by the sustained injuries. You will also get compensated for any expenses that came out of your pocket. Since it might be very likely that you will not be able to resume your work soon afterwards, the compensation can be substantial. With it, you will be in a position to continue paying all your bills.

If you get involved in a bus accident and suffer injuries, it is wise to consult a personal injury solicitor as soon as you can. A solicitor will assess your claim, let you know your chances of winning, provide you with important legal advice and help you get fully compensated for your injuries. Get legal advice at the soonest possible to know your rights.

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