Bike Accidents

If you have been injured or suffered loss in a bike accident that wasn’t your fault, contact Win Wales today for a no obligation consultation.

Being in a cycling accident is never something people expect to happen to themselves, yet over 21,000 cyclists were injured in 2014 according to the Department for Transport.

With a wealth of experience working in this field, our specialist team of cycling accident compensation solicitors may be able to help you claim the compensation you deserve.

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    Understanding No Win No Fee Bike Accident Compensation Claims

    No win no fee compensation claims for cyclists are a regular occurrence throughout the country due to the unfortunate risks of cycling on the road. If you’ve been in an accident or are looking for more information on this subject, take a look at this handy guide.

    What Does “No Win No Fee” Mean?

    The term “no win no fee” basically means a claimant incurs no cost from using the services of a personal injury lawyer if their claim turns out to be unsuccessful. Many companies offer this low-risk stipulation to people seeking legal advice, but lawyers will often only take on a case if there’s a high probability of a favourable outcome.

    Compensation after a Cycling Accident

      • Why is Compensation Important?

        Compensation is important for a number of reasons, not least because the injuries sustained in an accident cost money to treat and rehabilitate. Time off work can also compound the issue due to loss of earnings, and then there’s the psychological impact to consider. Notice that claiming compensation isn’t about punishing others, but about helping you recover and get back to leading a normal life as soon as possible.

      • What is considered a Viable Claim?

        To successfully claim for compensation, you must show that your involvement in an accident on the road wasn’t your fault, first and foremost. You must then prove that the accident caused you to suffer personal injury to be eligible.

      • How Much Compensation Can I Expect to Receive?

        The compensation you can expect to win is determined by a range of factors. The severity of the physical injuries and the mental anguish resulting from an accident play a big part in deciding the level of compensation a court will award. Likewise, the extent of the medical care you received is another consideration, so it’s important to document your treatment and injuries as early as possible.

    Why Seeking a Personal Injury Lawyer is Vital

    Accident claims are sometimes clear-cut, but often they can be complicated in which both parties are to blame to some degree. A personal injury lawyer is someone who can help to untangle a messy case and find out for sure whether you have a chance of claiming compensation. Bike accident compensation lawyers are experts at sifting through the evidence and understanding the facts before pushing ahead with a claim.

    What Should I Do After an Accident?

    In the immediate aftermath, it is important to take down as many details as possible, including insurance information, number plates and statements. You should also document your injuries and expenses.

    Making a Claim Against the Council

    The roads can never be perfect, but the council is responsible for resolving hazards such as potholes in reasonable time. Therefore, if you suffer an accident due to improper road maintenance, you could be owed compensation from the council. Be sure to take photos and document other important pieces of evidence to strengthen your case if you ever want to make a claim against an authority.

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