Coach Accidents

If you have been injured physically or psychologically or suffered a loss in a coach accident that wasn’t your fault, contact Win Wales today for a no-obligation consultation. You may be entitled to compensation.

Coach accidents do not happen regularly and nobody ever expects to get hurt in one or for anything to happen to a loved one in an accident. Coach drivers and the companies that employ them are obligated to provide a safe service for their passengers, but once in a while, due to accidents or mishaps, they are unable to fulfil their duty. This applies as much to public coach operators as well as private companies, for example, coach hire and school coach providers.

Our specialist time of coach accident compensation solicitors have a wealth of experience working in this field, so get in touch today. One of our solicitors will do everything they can to get you the compensation that you deserve.

Typical Injuries Sustained

Coach accidents can be incredibly serious and debilitating, and depending on the severity of the incident or crash, can leave lifelong physical injuries and/or psychological effects on the person involved, as well as their closest loved ones who may suffer as a result. Head injuries, including injury to the brain, as well as spinal injuries and whiplash, are just some of the many injuries that can result from an accident, as well as psychological trauma.

Understanding No Win No Fee Coach Accident Compensation Claims

No win no fee compensation claims for people who have suffered due to a coach accident are often available throughout the country, mostly due to the fact that it is almost never the fault of the person who is making the claim, but of the coach driver or company. If you’ve been in an accident and would like to find out more regarding this subject, check out this useful guide.

What Does “No Win No Fee” Mean?

The term “no win no fee” basically means that, should the claim turn out to be unsuccessful, the claimant will not incur any costs. The personal injury lawyer representing their case will simply write off any fees and accept that it is a loss for both themselves and the claimant.

This is something that many companies offer to those looking for legal advice, but whether or not you will be able to file a No Win No Fee claim heavily depends on the lawyer themselves. The majority of lawyers will only accept such claims when there is a very high probability that they are going to win the case, and this really depends on the precise detail of each individual situation. Normally, though, when it comes to coach accidents, there is a very high probability of a favourable outcome for the claimant.

Compensation after a Coach Accident

Why is Compensation Important?

Compensation is important for those who have suffered from a coach accident, mostly because they may have endured injuries that require time in hospital or expensive surgery that they are unable to pay for without financial help. Another reason may be the accident has greatly impacted their mental health and they require treatment, or that they have had to take time off work and have been unable to make money during a certain period of time. This is the primary reason why people make claims, in order to pay for vital operations or to make up for lost earnings.

What is considered a Viable Claim?

First and foremost, you will need to provide documentation regarding the accident that has taken place, and proof that you are in absolutely no way culpable for it. Usually, in cases of coach accidents, the latter is not required as it is incredibly rare that the claimant could have been in any way culpable. Secondly, you will have to provide written proof, i.e medical documents, from your GP or hospital showing the injuries, whether mental or physical, that you have suffered as a result of the incident.

How Long Do I Have To Make the Claim?

Normally, you have up to three years from the date that the incident took place in order to file your claim and for the claim to be eligible.

How Much Compensation Can I Expect to Receive?

The amount of compensation you can expect after suffering a coach accident really depends on a great number of factors. It is almost impossible to give a precise figure, as it depends on the severity, your personal situation and the amount of medical help, surgery, and support you need afterwards, as well as the impact on your earnings at work.

What Should I Do After an Accident?

To help your case, you should start to take notes as quickly as possible once you have suffered in a coach accident. We understand that this can be difficult or even impossible depending on your circumstances, but details can really help your lawyer later on. Keep all documents, medical notes and receipts detailing your expenses in a safe place.

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