Head and Brain Injuries

From bruising and minor lacerations to more severe cases of concussion, a fractured skull or brain injury, a serious head injury can leave a lasting impact on your career and quality of life. These problems can impair your speech, balance, vision and cognitive processes. If you’ve been harmed in a situation which could have been avoided our specialist injury solicitors can help you claim the support and compensation you deserve.

We understand the physical, emotional and psychological long-term strain that head and brain injuries can cause. Choosing the right solicitor to deal with a serious injury like this is important and our experience in helping clients with complex or high-value cases such as this can make a real difference to the amount of compensation the victim receives. Whether you have been harmed in a car accident, at work due to employer negligence or harmed in a public place, WINWales’ consortium of friendly solicitors can provide vital advice and specialist legal representation.

Once you have provided us with the specific details of the accident, including how it happened and where it took place, our dedicated team will work personally with you to assess what we will need to make a successful claim. With the aid of medical professionals, we can accurately assess your requirements and take the appropriate steps to ensure you obtain the funds necessary to allow you reach the optimum level of comfort and rehabilitation.

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