Broken-leg girl receives £10,000 after climbing wall accident

A mobile climbing wall company has paid £10,000 in accident compensation after being found to have improperly supervised a minor who was climbing without a safety rope.

After climbing to the top of the wall, 15 year-old Jade Raynor, let go in order to drop back down – not realising that the supervisor hadn’t attached the safety line to her harness. The fall resulted in a nasty fracture.

Jade said: “The accident has really affected me. I used to dance and play football and I can’t do those things anymore. I still have a lot of pain in my leg and back, but the company never acknowledged or apologised for what happened.”

The company denied accident liability throughout, but it was clear that it was in the wrong. Jade’s solicitor commented “the fact that the company failed to keep Jade properly secured at all times is clearly irresponsible, and resulted in a child being put at risk of very serious harm.”