Bus accident man seeks compensation for whiplash and back injury

A bus passenger is seeking accident compensation after suffering a back injury as a result of an accident involving the bus he was travelling on. The man was one of five passengers who needed injury treatment at a local A&E department after the bus driver braked sharply during their journey.

All were later discharged with minor injuries, but one of the injured individuals has said he is planning to take legal compensation action against the service operator because he suffered an inflamed spine and whiplash due to the impact. He explained that he now suffers a “recurring headache” since the accident and noted that a number of people had been ‘flung forward’ as the bus came to a sudden stop at a roundabout.

“People suffered head injuries, whiplash and cuts to their shins. There was a load of us in the A&E department and I have consulted a lawyer about it with a view to compensation. I believe others are doing the same,” he added.