Compensation for nursing home resident scalded in Bath

A resident in a nursing home, who suffered 40 per cent burns when she was lowered into a bath of hot water, has been awarded substantial compensation for the injuries she suffered.

Jeanette De Bono, 28, suffers from a rare neurodevelopmental disorder and has lived in a nursing home for most of her life. She has severe learning difficulties, epilepsy and no communication skills.

She was badly scalded when carers at a nursing home in Sussex lowered her into bath water at a temperature of more than 50 degrees centigrade. She was not able to communicate her distress because of her speech impairment, and her attempts to alert her carers to her plight led them to believe she was having an epileptic fit.

Before the accident, Miss De Bono’s condition had been well controlled by medication, but her injuries mean that her mobility is now reduced.

Miss De Bono, who has now moved to a care home near where her parents live, was awarded a substantial sum in damages. The money will enable her family to purchase mobility aids and other equipment that will improve her daily life and make it easier for her to go on outings with her family.

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