Cyclist injured in road accident secures £13,500 in compensation

John Priestley was cycling along Watnall Road in his home city of Nottingham, when a car recklessly pulled out from a side road and knocked him off his bicycle. An ambulance was called and John was taken to Queen’s Medical Centre in Nottingham for treatment.

The force of the collision and his subsequent fall caused soft tissue injuries to John’s head, neck, shoulder, knees and lower back. Pre-existing back problems were also exacerbated by the accident and he required several sessions of physiotherapy to aid his recovery. Mr Priestley’s injuries meant he could not return to work for five months and he required six months in total to fully recover.

Following the accident, John was offered just £7,500 in compensation by the driver’s insurers, but on his own solicitors’ advice, this offer was rejected and, following extensive negotiations, he was offered almost double the original sum.

John Priestley said: “The accident was very frightening and the injuries affected my day-to-day life for a long time. My injuries were so bad I was unable to work for five months which put emotional and financial strain on me and my family.”