Cyclist receives over £10,000 in injury compensation after hit-and-run accident

A man has finally received a five-figure sum, almost 3 years after  suffering a serious road accident at the hands of a hit and run driver.  The driver could not be traced, despite the company name of the lorry they were driving being clearly identified.

The man had been knocked off his bicycle after being overtaken by the lorry, which had pulled back across him without leaving a safe gap.  The lorry then simply drove away, leaving the cyclist at the roadside with a number of serious injuries including broken bones.  Witnesses were able to inform police as to identity of the lorry company, but could not recall the number plate in order to trace the driver.   As a result of his injuries, the accident victim suffered considerable pain and was unable to return to work for some time.  When he did eventually return, he was restricted in what duties he could perform for a number of months.

Personal Injury Lawyers working on behalf of the injured cyclist began the process of claiming for compensation from the Motor Insurers Bureau, when the lorry company refused to accept liability.

Extensive negotiations were needed by the lawyers after pressure from the Motor Insurers Bureau resulted in a series of unacceptably low offers from the lorry company before an acceptable sum was agreed.