How to make a sports injury claim

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How do I know if I qualify for a claim?
Sports injury claims do have a criteria framework just like other injury claims. A sports injury claim may pertain to an injury incurred while participating in a specific sport. It’s also there to make provision for sport spectators on the side as accidents and injuries do occur to innocent bystanders too. In order to qualify, the injury must have been sustained in adverse conditions, for example, an intentional harm from a third party that results in prolonged pain.

Causes of sports injuries
It’s important to know the grounds for sports injuries because they are diverse and varied. Typical situations that arise include improper tackles that take place more often than not on rugby and football pitches. Improper tackles can also occur in the game sphere of hockey, cricket, boxing, horse riding and a plethora of other sports. Poor or negligible coaching were a player is given the wrong advice can also be grounds for a claim. Badly maintained sports grounds and equipment are other areas that come into question as does openly aggressive behaviour that’s not conducive to game rules and conduct. Injuries sustained from rioting and fights that break out at stadiums may also qualify as grounds to apply for a sports injury claim.

Are sports injury claims only for professional sporting people?
No. Not at all. As noted earlier, spectators at sporting events may incur an accidental injury. For instance at car racing, a car may veer off track. Children who participate in physical education programmes such as martial art classes, gym and aerobic lessons at school, are also entitled to make a claim and there’s no strict age limit that excludes application. However, the successful outcome of all sports claims relies almost entirely upon proof and evidence that clearly shows negligence or mistreatment or misconduct carried out by the offending party.

What kind of injuries are covered within a sports injury claim?
Incidents of broken bones, head injuries, torn ligaments and broken teeth are just some of the injuries regularly reported in claim applications. Again, proof that the injury was caused due to negligence or violent behaviour must be evident to garner a successful outcome. Hearsay and false accusations, no matter how damning, play little part in securing a good result.

How do I proceed with a claim?
Once you have established that you do qualify to make a sport injury claim the following procedure is very important.

  • Seek immediate medical attention and make sure to keep all documentation pertaining to treatment. You may be awarded the costs of treatment within your claim as well as monies owed for pain and suffering. Keep a record of all receipts including those spent on medications. Any expense pertaining to your injury should be duly noted.
  • Take a note of all witnesses and their contact details as this will act as proof that the injury did in fact occur. Ask your witnesses if they are willing to testify on your behalf and provide a detailed account of the incident if it is required.
  • Contact a solicitor who is experienced and proficient in dealing with sports injury claims. Make sure your chosen solicitor satisfies the criteria and is a registered and reputable person in their chosen field of law.
  • Present all the necessary documentation to back up your case. Documentation is key to secure a successful sports injury claim. The more you have the better your chances of being compensated for your unfortunate experience.