Is it acceptable to claim compensation for a fatal accident and where do you begin?


If a member of your family is involved in an accident that proves to be fatal, then apart from the emotional stress of the loss, there are a number of issues that will threaten to throw your life into turmoil. The financial implications have to be considered, and professional advice is vital for providing answers to the events leading up to the incident causing death.

After suffering a traumatic loss, families do not need the extra burden of trying to piece together a claim for compensation on their own. A team of fatal accident experts will provide answers at a harrowing time, as to why and how the accident occurred, if there was any chance it could have been prevented and who was the party that was ultimately responsible. It’s obvious that money cannot replace the loss of any human life, but it is equally evident, that a family should not be made to suffer for something that was not their fault and could have been avoided.

The first steps to making a claim

If an incident has caused the death of a loved one, and that person is the primary wage earner in a household, then financial problems are likely to occur. As a victim’s family is coping with grief, the added anxiety of the loss of income will only add to the wider impact. If, for any reason, you believe that the fatal incident was the cause of somebody’s negligence, seeking legal advice is crucial. This is the same whether negligence was direct or indirectly the cause of the accident.

A legal specialist in compensation cases can help assess the probability of a successful outcome, and will work with you on a ‘no win, no fee’ basis. This means that if the claim is not successful, then you don’t pay a penny. The type of applications that are dealt with on a daily basis are workplace accidents, medical errors and road traffic incidents.

All deaths that occur suddenly or in circumstances that are less than clear are reported to a coroner. The coroner may decide that an inquest into the fatality is necessary. If a court action for compensation is initiated, this will happen after the inquest investigation has finished.

What support can you expect?

After the death of a family member, the last thing on your mind will be compensation. Unfortunately, it is an essential action that needs to be taken to avoid financial hardship. With an unexpected fatality, the members of a family that are left behind will often need support and guidance as to their next step. Good legal professionals are used to dealing with these situations and are able to help families and individuals through this traumatic time.

Just as a claim for compensation is imperative, it is also important to find the right expertise to get you through this tragic state of affairs. A committed fatal accident solicitor will be there to guide you through the process and ensure that you get a just outcome, with as little stress as possible.