Pastry chef compensated after slip injury at work

A pastry chef has successfully pursued an injury compensation claim with the help of specialist personal injury solicitors after being injured in an accident at work.

The woman was employed in a garden centre restaurant and was placing cakes into a walk-in-freezer when she slipped on fluid that had been left on the floor.

She fell and suffered bruising to her knee and a painful soft-tissue injury to her shoulder which exacerbated a pre-existing condition. While her knee injury recovered within two weeks, she was left suffering ongoing pain in her shoulder following her accident, which is expected to recover.

Failed to ensure safe place of work

Following the accident, she contacted a specialist personal injury solicitor who pursued a claim of compensation on her behalf. Investigations revealed that the garden centre had failed to ensure a safe place of work for our client, and following an admission of liability a compensation payment was agreed.