Shopper compensated after slip accident at supermarket

A woman has successfully pursued an injury compensation claim after being injured in an accident at a supermarket. The lady was visiting her local supermarket and was walking along one of the freezer aisles when she slipped on a pool of water which had been left on the floor.

She fell and suffered a painful soft-tissue injury to her lower back as well as damaging her knee. She sought medical help but took a year to fully recover from her injuries.

Following the accident, she contacted specialist personal injury solicitors to pursue a claim on her behalf. Their investigation identified a witness who had helped our client after her fall.

The witness had seen a member of the supermarket staff notice the water on the floor before the accident but who had – rather than use a mop to clear the hazard – attempted unsuccessfully to clean up the water with pieces of cardboard.

The supermarket initially ignored the claim, but after a Court application was made, liability was admitted and injury compensation was secured.