Back injury at work compensation amount

We all know there is very little that is more painful or more debilitating than a back injury. Everyday we expect to come home from work in the same state we started, maybe a little more tired after a hard days work, but we don’t expect a back injury that impedes upon our day to day life. If you suffer a back injury at work then you should be due compensation, the question is what is the back injury at work compensation amount?

This can differ according to severity of the injury and duration of the recovery. There are places online that offer a compensation calculator to find an approximate figure of compensation that you’d receive for your back injury, but below are of few of the guidelines concerning the amount of compensation.

The levels of injury are broke down into three separate levels. These are; Minor, Moderate and Severe. These are set by the Judicial College and are suggested amounts. The rates range from a minimum to maximum figure in each category which takes into account recovery times, long term effects and type of injury. Remember, in addition to these figures you are also able to place a claim for your costs and ongoing care.

The first level of compensation looks at minor back injuries at work, such as strains and soft tissue sprains. The compensation at this level begins at £1,705 and can go up to £6,380. Minor back injuries are usually distinguished by recovery occurring within 2 years and no surgery having took place.

Ligament and muscular disturbance constitute moderate backache according to the Judicial College. The rates range from £10,120 minimum payment, to £22,440 maximum payment according to the level of your chronic pain within this category.

The highest category, Severe back injury, includes fractures which lead to severe back pain and compromising the individuals ability to work. The compensation on these cases can range between £31,350 to £56,375. However, there is an extra layer to severe back injuries which can increase the compensation claim. If the back injury leads to any further complications or the possibility of ongoing surgeries to rectify the problem then compensation between £73,700 and £130,130 can be awarded.

If you have experienced a back injury at work that has caused paralysis then these are considered separately.

Hopefully now you have all the information about back injury at work compensations amounts you know you’re next step. No one deserves the pain of a back injury at work, but you do deserve the compensation for your pain, injury and your costs.

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