How Long After an Accident at Work Can You Make a Claim?

How Long After an Accident at Work Can You Make a Claim?

After an accident at work leading to injuries, there is some length of time that should pass before coming to terms with the nature and severity of the injuries sustained. Even small injuries and pain may prevail for weeks or months after the incident before you are able to give an actual assessment of the injuries. For serious injuries, you may be required to receive medical attention spanning many days with no clear end. If you are looking to make legal claims for the injuries, there are many ways through which you can know the amount of compensation you deserve.

Reasons for using a personal injury solicitor
One of the reasons you need a personal injury solicitor in presenting this kind of case is due to the experience level these professionals hold. The professional has in the past handled more other cases with even complex structures, so you are likely to receive reliable services that will see you receive the right amount of compensation. Note that lack of proper legal representation could delay compensation, or if paid the amount could be below what you deserve. A personal injury attorney will take all factors that can deter justice into consideration and present evidence that will allow you to receive the right compensation.

Time limit for initiating compensation
In the UK, you are allowed three years from the date of the accident, or the time you learn that the injury occurred as a result of the accident at work. Any time later than this may mean you will lose your compensation. This is the reason you need to act fast.

Additionally, some workplace injuries arise over a period of time due to faulty equipment or lack of proper training. In this case, there is no specific date recorded, meaning the date used is linked to the time the injuries were attributed to the duties you were performing.

What you can claim
Personal injury claims help to answer several questions arising after the accident. You are supposed to receive compensation for the pain you suffered and any other expenses you incurred after the incident. Loss of earnings is one of the things you will most likely find in your claim and any competent attorney should advise you accordingly on the right way to calculate the amount lost. Medical expenses should also be part of the claim since this was not your intention to cause the accident and you were not ready for anything of that sort. During treatment, you will also incur telephone and support bills, which should also be part of the claim.

How much can you claim?
Each case is different, so there is no standard measure that can be assigned to all cases. Depending on the severity of the injuries and other factors like time taken to return to work, you can receive different amounts. Special damages will definitely attract special charges, which could go as far as making the claim bigger. The real amounts that you can claim are determined by the Judicial Studies Board. They offer different ranges based on the severity of injuries. With a good attorney, you can manage to recover the highest possible amount.

Procedure for making claim
The claiming process is simple if you are working with an attorney. Laws surrounding injury claims are complex, so you should always consult with an experienced professional. If you sustained injuries while at work, you are supposed to record information in the accident book of your attorney and gather further evidence to back the case up. The attorney should then launch the claim in a court of law if the employer is not willing to opt for an out-of-court agreement.

Court process is also sequential because you need a report from the doctor and attached documents that confirm indeed the injuries were sustained within the premises of the business. In case an insurance company is involved in the settlement of the claim, you may receive an interim payment pending further details, which could help shine more light into the case. Note that you do not necessarily need to attend all meetings regarding your case if you have an attorney because he can help you settle every step.