Mechanic wins £100,000 accident compensation after loss of eye

A man who worked as a mechanic at a bus company has won £100,000 injury compensation following an incident in which he lost an eye.

Ross Carey has lost all vision in his left eye when a metal fragment flew into it while repairing a bus. Despite emergency surgery, doctors were unable to restore his sight and he will never regain vision in that eye.

Following the work accident, which happened while he worked for Edinburgh Tours, Mr Carey launched a legal bid for accident compensation.

The court was told that wearing goggles in the workplace was not routinely enforced, and that Mr Carey was “under pressure” to complete the task of releasing a camshaft when a spark of metal struck his eye. It was also stated that the store which housed the goggles was closed and inaccessible to him.

Lawyers acting on behalf of Edinburgh Tours stated Mr Carey was trained to use goggles, but they eventually reached an out of court settlement with him.