Joiner receives over £1million injury compensation pay-out follower accident at work

A self-employer joiner, who was left semi-paralysed when an 8 foot piece of ply-board hit him during a storm, has been awarded more than a million pounds in compensation for injury due to insecure load in an out of court settlement. 
The man from Peterborough, Cambridgeshire, was working a College roof in St. Neots in late 2007 when the tragedy occurred. While in the process of covering insulation which had been laid on the roof, a gust of wind caught a large piece of ply-board and blew it straight at him – knocking him unconscious.

The man was rushed to Addenbrooke´s Hospital, where doctors diagnosed him with a severe spinal injury. Despite many return visits to the hospital for specialist treatment, the father of three young children is now semi-paralysed, unable to move his fingers or legs and requires round-the-clock care.

After seeking advice from solicitors, Christopher made a personal injury claim against the contractors for the site – the nationwide firm R.G. Carter Construction Ltd – claiming that the ply-board which hit him should have been secured to prevent such an accident. Four years after his injury occurred, liability was admitted and a seven figure settlement was agreed in compensation for injury due to insecure load.