Oven chip in £2,200 accident compensation payout

A woman from Leeds who lost a double filling when it was knocked out by a hard lump in an Aunt Bessie oven chip has received over £2,000 in injury compensation.

When Susan Stapylton, 60, complained to Aunt Bessie’s, she was initially offered a £5 voucher from the manufacturers as injury compensation.  She said: “I couldn’t have a drink, and breathing and coughing…it was a nightmare.

“I thought at the time, ‘I have seven grandchildren that are young, what if it had been one of them and they’d swallowed it and it got stuck in their throat?’”

She had only had the filling put in two days before the chip knocked it out, but as she was also awaiting a separate operation she then had to rely on temporary fillings until that was completed and she had recovered. The temporary fillings fell out four times.

She said: “I was up all night coughing constantly because it caused mucus which went down the back of my throat and that made my asthma worse.

“It was a constant nightmare”

A spokesperson for Heinz, who make Aunt Bessie’s oven chips, said: “Great care and attention is given to every aspect of preparing and making our chips, from sorting and screening of ingredients to the stringent precautions and exacting standards adhered to during manufacture.

“This was an isolated complaint and the safety and quality of our products remains of paramount importance to us.”