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Outdoor market shopper awarded £30,000 compensation

A woman who suffered a fractured shoulder, as well as head & neck pain following an accident at an outdoor market has received a £30,000 compensation award.  The woman needed to take time off work as a result of the accident, and was not able to return to her previous job role, leading to a reduction in her earnings.

The accident happened when a large metal pole fell from a stall in the market as the woman walked past.  Whilst the stallholder did admit liability for the woman’s injuries, the first offer of compensation was considered inadequate.  After negotiation, a figure of £30,000 was agreed as an out of court settlement.… Read more

Damages awarded to cyclist hit by uninsured driver

A cyclist who suffered a broken wrist and a sprained ankle when hit by a negligent uninsured driver, has been awarded compensation by Market Harborough Magistrates’ Court.

The driver told the Court that sun was in his eyes and he didn’t see the cyclist approaching as he came out of a turning.   The court convicted the driver of driving without due care and attention, fined him £335 and ordered him to pay £200 to the cyclist.  He was also banned from driving for nine months after admitting that he had no insurance.

The cyclist may be able to claim further damages via a civil compensation claim.… Read more

Settlement for supermarket slip

A customer who suffered injuries after slipping on a grape in a Peterborough supermarket has been awarded over £10,000 in compensation.

Supermarket managers admitted their failings, which led to the man’s injuries: “We have thorough processes in place to ensure our store floors are kept clean to prevent anyone from slipping or falling.

“We’re extremely sorry that on this occasion we did not meet our own extremely high standards.”

The personal injury solicitor dealing with the case confirmed that the size of the award was in line with official guidance for the injuries sustained.… Read more

Hearing claim win for Bin Man

A 50-year-old Greater Manchester man has received a compensation payout for tinnitus and deafness after years of being exposed to excessive noise in his workplace.

During his 30 year career the man was never offered protection such as ear defenders, despite regularly being exposed to noise levels in excess of 90db.

He commented, “I was furious when I found out. The council never told us about the dangers or I would have bought something to protect myself.”

He now needs to wear hearing aids in both ears, and suffers from insomnia as a result of his tinnitus symptoms.

The man’s personal injury solicitor commented, “Historically, excessive noise and hearing loss was perceived to be confined to heavy industry.… Read more

Accident at work warehouseman wins £4,500

Paul Pritchard suffered his injury whilst packing heavy aeroplane components for the Mitie Group.  The incident left Mr Pritchard with injuries which took over eight months to heal.  His employer admitted blame for the accident, and £4,500 in compensation was awarded.

Mr Pritchard told his local newspaper: “I was off work for almost four months and was basically bedridden…..I felt that Mitie should have done more to make sure the job I was doing was safe.”… Read more

£14,000 compensation for child injured in road traffic accident

A child who suffered serious injuries after he was hit by a car at a pedestrian crossing, has been awarded £14,000 in compensation.

The three year old child was knocked down by a Vauxhall Cavalier, while crossing a road hand in hand with his mother near to their home in New Ferry on the Wirral.  The driver had gone through a red light before crashing into the toddler, and then driving off without stopping.

The toddler suffered serious injuries in the accident, and needed treatment at a high dependency unit at Arrowe Park Hospital.  Part of the compensation payout may be used by the family to fund cosmetic surgery to repair some of the scarring which he suffered as a result of the accident.… Read more

Man suffers injury in workplace prank

A compensation settlement has been agreed in the case of a factory worker whose colleague leapt onto him at work, resulting in him suffering serious back injuries.

William Jones, 46, was bending down to pick up a tool when a colleague jumped onto his back as a joke. Mr Jones heard a popping noise in his back, and it turned out that he was badly injured.

He required surgery to try to correct the injuries he suffered. This involved removing a piece of bone from his hip and inserting it into his spine. He continued to experience severe back pain, however, with the result that he was absent from work on health grounds for four years and was eventually made redundant.… Read more

Compensation for nursing home resident scalded in Bath

A resident in a nursing home, who suffered 40 per cent burns when she was lowered into a bath of hot water, has been awarded substantial compensation for the injuries she suffered.

Jeanette De Bono, 28, suffers from a rare neurodevelopmental disorder and has lived in a nursing home for most of her life. She has severe learning difficulties, epilepsy and no communication skills.

She was badly scalded when carers at a nursing home in Sussex lowered her into bath water at a temperature of more than 50 degrees centigrade. She was not able to communicate her distress because of her speech impairment, and her attempts to alert her carers to her plight led them to believe she was having an epileptic fit.… Read more

Beauty therapists awarded RSI compensation

Two women who had to abandon their careers as beauty therapists, after they developed chronic repetitive strain injury (RSI) whilst working for Virgin Atlantic, have had the level of their compensation awards determined in the High Court.  Virgin Atlantic accepted liability for the injuries but contested the amount of compensation claimed. The Court awarded Mrs Evans £230,972, whilst Mrs Hindmarch was awarded £69,458.

Jayne Evans, 40, and Michelle Hindmarch, 32, worked for the airline in the Clubhouse Lounge at Heathrow Airport. They both developed severe muscular pain after administering intensive Shiatsu pressure massages to passengers waiting for flights to depart. This type of massage involves the therapist applying pressure using her fingers, thumbs and palms to various pressure points over the body.… Read more

Court awards £9,600 for shop worker’s ladder fall

A shop worker who slipped and fell while reaching for a box has won compensation of £9,600.

Elizabeth McLachlan was employed at a branch of the Early Learning Centre in Glasgow as a senior sales assistant. A customer wished to see the size of the box for a toy tractor, to see whether or not it would fit in her car.

The box was at the back of the top shelf in the store room. A colleague, who gave her height as 5ft 1in, first tried to reach the box using an A-frame ladder, then asked for help when she was unable to retrieve it.… Read more

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Geraldine Gardiner

Tripping Accident

Awarded £2,000

Diane Jones

Industrial Illness

Awarded £5,000

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