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I had an accident at work what are my rights

Employers in the UK have a duty of care to their employees and generally, work hard to provide a safe working environment. However, it is an unfortunate fact that workplace injuries still happen that was caused by an employer’s wrongdoing. If you find yourself in this situation, it is important to understand your rights and the responsibilities of your employer before considering a compensation claim.

Seeking Compensation from an Employer

One of the biggest worries is that seeking compensation from an employer may lead to redundancy. It can be an awkward situation in the workplace when someone decides to take action.

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How much compensation can you claim for a spinal injury?

How much compensation can you claim for a spinal injury

Spinal Injury Compensation Claims

If you have been involved in an accident then you may be able to put in a compensation claim for any injuries that you have received. The amount that you are able to claim will vary depending on a variety of factors, including the seriousness of the injury, medical costs, psychological issues, as well as the impact it has had on your day-to-day living.

An injury lawyer will be able to create a legal case in order to claim the maximum amount of compensation available for the type of injury that you have sustained. Injury claim amounts have been set out by the Judicial Studies Board (JSB).… Read more

How to go about claiming compensation for a brain injury


Lives can be dramatically changed as a result of brain or head injuries. The effects can last just a short while, or they can be permanent, impacting the victim and their family members in a number of different ways. Support is sometimes needed from loved ones or from professionals for a short amount of time or for a prolonged period. With these changes to everyday life, financial loss may also occur which can add to stress and difficulties. In these situations, compensation can go someway to putting things right and helping the sufferer.

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How common is Cancer misdiagnosis?

How common is Cancer misdiagnosis?

There are over 2.5 million people in the UK who have been diagnosed with cancer. Unfortunately, about 25 per cent of people in the UK are facing poor health conditions and instability in cancer treatment. One out of every three people in the UK is affected by cancer, and thousands are diagnosed with it annually. Since Cancer is very frightening, a wrong diagnosis is the worst thing someone can ever go through.

Nevertheless, misdiagnosis is common, which calls for appropriate action, including compensation for the victims. Doctors have the responsibility to practice a high standard of competence in their work through the correct interpretation of the symptoms to avoid misdiagnosis that might lead to loss of life.… Read more

How can you prove medical misdiagnosis when making a claim?


Some things in life are priceless; it’s hard to put a number on the value of life itself, or the quality of life afforded by your standard of health. But when either of these are negatively impacted by medical misdiagnosis, it’s possible to make a compensation claim. It won’t turn back the clock, but it can help you to recover from the devastating effects of someone else’s mistake.

Medical misdiagnosis describes a range of different problems arising from clinical negligence. It could be that a doctor wastes precious time treating menstrual problems with the contraceptive pill, when it later turns out that irregular bleeding was a symptom of uterine cancer.… Read more

How long after an accident at work can you make a claim?


How long after an accident at work can you make a claim?

People tend to put off claiming for an accident at work, maybe to concentrate on their recovery, or maybe because they want to immediately confront their employer. Maybe you just want to concentrate first on getting back to work. The day-to-day living that tends to accompany being out of work may prevent the feeling that you should claim compensation.
Whether you can return to work or even recover depends obviously on the seriousness of the injury. It is usually the little injuries that employees feel more uncertain about. Where do you stand?
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Is it acceptable to claim compensation for a fatal accident and where do you begin?


If a member of your family is involved in an accident that proves to be fatal, then apart from the emotional stress of the loss, there are a number of issues that will threaten to throw your life into turmoil. The financial implications have to be considered, and professional advice is vital for providing answers to the events leading up to the incident causing death.

After suffering a traumatic loss, families do not need the extra burden of trying to piece together a claim for compensation on their own. A team of fatal accident experts will provide answers at a harrowing time, as to why and how the accident occurred, if there was any chance it could have been prevented and who was the party that was ultimately responsible.… Read more

Who should investigate an accident at work and what is the procedure?


Accidents in the workplace are not uncommon. In fact, they are the biggest causes of missed work days. Different working environments pose varied risks to workers and it is the responsibility of a company to minimise them. Accidents in the workplace can cause illnesses, injuries, or even deaths. Statistics indicate that about 250 employees die each year from accidents in the workplace. These accidents don’t only affect the employees but the company as a whole. When a worker suffers injuries, an entity can be held liable. Employers must do everything necessary to ensure that the risks are minimal and safety measures are in place.… Read more

The first things to do when you’ve been in a road accident


When you are involved in a road traffic accident there are a number of things you must do, both by law and common sense. Clearly the first thing to do is to identify if anyone is injured, or if an animal had been involved and injured, and what damage is immediately identifiable. It is also wise to bear in mind that what you do at the scene of the accident could affect any issues related to road accident compensation claims.

Legally, it is an offence if you fail to stop when you are involved in an accident if anyone is injured or any damage is caused.… Read more

Do I have a case for medical negligence?

do i have a case for medical negligence

There is no doubt that the work done by a doctor or nurse is not easy. However, this does not excuse any medical practitioner from liability when he or she disrupts the life of a patient or makes it difficult. Since medical employees in the UK are employees of the National Health Service (NHS) or private health facilities, you can institute legal proceedings against the institutions in the unfortunate event that their doctors or nurses mistreat you when under their care. Medical negligence takes many forms, and these include failure to make accurate diagnoses, unindicated surgery or intervention, lack of proper monitor and response, among others.… Read more